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Company: CWRU

Permanent Placement Job Details:


Site Coordinators will help to recruit and supervise volunteers at their tax site. This position will also be responsible for answering client and volunteer’s tax questions, attending site coordinator training and obtaining Site Coordinator Certification as well as Advanced Level IRS Certification. Responsibilities: • Assist with the recruitment and retention of volunteers. • Supervise all volunteers. • Assure all volunteers receive their IRS certification and prepare returns only up to that level. • Manage volunteers’ schedules and assure volunteer coverage conforms to schedules. • Publicize free tax preparation in partnership with host organization. • Coordinate with Program Director. • Provide expertise and assistance upon request or as needed by volunteers. Requirements: • Complete the IRS Site Coordinator Training and IRS certification at the Advanced Level. • Must complete the IRS Ethical training and Ethical Certification test. • Be punctual and stay for the length of time scheduled. • Ensures that site is open as scheduled and adequately staffed. • Respect client and volunteer privacy. Qualifications: • Must be able to work flexible hours from January through April. • Excellent organizational and leadership skills. • Strong verbal communication skills. • Good interpersonal skills. • Demonstrated computer skills for performing tax returns and other activities related to tax preparation and volunteer coordination. • Ability to problem solve and resolve conflict. • Ability to take initiative and work with minimal supervision.

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